Your experience

I want you to have the most amazing bridal styling experience.”

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Its all about you

From booking; right the way through to your wedding morning, you are my priority.

I want you to feel cared for and supported as I guide you through your bridal styling journey.

Creating a bespoke experience, I take my time to understand you and your needs.  I want to make you feel comfortable with your makeup and hair so that you go into your wedding day feeling incredible.

I’m that friend you can rely on to help when you need it most.  And I’ll be with you every step of the way until you are ready to become a Mrs!

your trial

During your trial I’ll help you create the look you’ve always dreamed you could have.  Together we will make sure your hair is just right and that your lipstick is the perfect shade for you.

I’ll advise you on anything that you are unsure of, and make any last minute supplier recommendations.  I’ll share tips and tricks whilst working with you to achieve your desired look and help you prepare your skin and hair in the run up to your wedding day.

I will also share with you a brief outline of your schedule for your wedding morning and you’ll go away happy, safe in the knowledge that it will be my job to keep you calm and on time.

Image by Jane Beadnell Photography

Image by Jane Beadnell Photography

Image by Melissa Beattie

Image by Melissa Beattie

Your wedding day

On your wedding morning, I’ll arrive with my kit and get set up.  One by one, I’ll chat and work ensuring that I don’t encroach on your special time with your family and best friends - that is unless of course you want to pick my brains or hear some funny stories.  This is your time to feel pampered and excited about the day ahead. 

Once everyone is dressed and your veil (if you’re having one) is in place; I will stay with you until you walk out of the door and head down the aisle.  Knowing everyone is beautifully styled and ready to enjoy your wedding.